Jason Garfield

Jason Garfield

Student at Boulder Digital Arts

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Being a goal oriented, highly motivated, and hard working individual I am enthusiastically pursuing a career doing marketing, advertising, and design within the action sports industry. I am a recent graduate from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder; I received my B.S. in business administration, with a concentration in marketing, in May of 2015. Possessing a natural passion for art and design I am currently in the process of obtaining a graphic design certificate from Boulder Digital Arts (Boulder, CO). With a highly anticipated date of completion set for February 5 of 2017, I will be proficient at using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and InDesign. Having a diversified background in marketing, management, sales, and design has allowed me to developed an array of skills necessary to excel in any position within the outdoors industry. I am hungry for new and exciting opportunities, and will provide exceptional value to every client, customer, or company I have the pleasure of working with.

Skating and snowboarding have been my life long passions, and more recently I have expanded my interests to include mountain biking and surfing, as well. I understand that this passion we share is a lifestyle. When we ride a skateboard, snowboard, surfboard, or bicycle we are displaying forms of self-expression, and self-identification. This feeling is something that can only be understood by others who feel it, and live it, every day of their lives. My dream is to combine my passion with my strong work ethic in order to be one of the few who are lucky enough to be successful in this industry.