Brandon Maier

Brandon Maier


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I am a hard-working and dedicated individual looking to make a mark in the San Diego business community. With most of my experience being from my work as a performer and teacher, I am very confident at speaking in from of people and giving presentations. I am comfortable and at my best working in fast paced environments and making a deadline. I am very technically skilled with expert proficiency in PowerPoint, Office, IMovie, Photoshop, Alexandria and ProTools. I have a working knowledge of XL Miner, SPSS, Qualtrics, Scarborough, Dreamweaver and Illustrator.

In attaining my MBA in Sports Business, I am looking to use my degree to find new challenges and accomplish new achievements in the San Diego market. I pride myself on making any activity enjoyable and the fact that I can adapt to any and all situations. I will look to make my mark on whatever next opportunity comes my way.