Matthew Augustine


Recently, I was employed by the New York Athletic Club, as the club’s Retail Manager. Within this position, I worked as both the head of the department, as well as the primary apparel buyer for the club. During my time there, I feel my greatest accomplishment was the rejuvenation of the NYAC brand, on a retail basis. In a combination of working with our Under Armour supplier, and seeking new, creative ventures, I was able to increase our yearly sales on average of five percent per year.
The reinventing of the department has not come without its difficulties, as the New York Athletic Club brand is one of the oldest and most prestigious brands in the country. Paying great attention to detail is of the utmost importance, as well as keeping our look consistent with the history and tradition of the club. The selection of new products must be taken with great care as to not show the brand in a negative or lesser light. My success would not be as promising within the New York Athletic Club, if it were not for my time working in stadium operations, with Legends Hospitality, and the New York Yankees.
I credit my growth of knowledge and skills from my experience with the New York Yankees. During my time there, I was given the opportunity to grow in many ways within the field, and attribute the majority of my current success to that time. With Legends Hospitality, I learned from the bottom up. Working as a Level Supervisor taught me the importance of maximizing space and selection of products to increase diversity across multiple locations.
During my time as the Operations Manager, I was able to take my knowledge and skills of the retail field to new heights. My general manager was instrumental in my development, allowing me to take part in all areas of our department, learning as much as I could to enrich my future. I was giving a hands on role in the ordering, especially the open to buy process, as well as assessment of potentially new and innovative products. Interaction with Yankees upper management was a regular occurrence, ensuring them their brand and name were in safe hands.
These experiences were a major building block for me, and have had a profound effect on how I conduct myself, not only as a manager, but also as an individual. My time in the retail industry has been one that many may never experience.