Mary McNulty

Mary McNulty

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Mary McNulty
26 Via Padres
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

Prior to completing the Internet Marketing Certification program at UCI my background was in Operations and Training. As a Planner for a number of organizations including PCC, Rockwell Collins and Parker Hannifin I faced a number of layoffs. My training background included four years with CMTC as a Field Representative and two years with CA. State, Fullerton as a Lecturer.
After experiencing yet another downsizing at PCC in 2013 I decided to follow my heart and take a year to pursue a career that wouldn’t feel like work by enrolling at UCI. The position equates to a perfect follow up.
Based upon my interpretation of responsibilities, the position would lead to a high visibility of the individual’s talent. Love it!
It is obvious the benefits this position offers:
• An opportunity to be exposed to a wide range of journalistic responsibilities
• An opportunity to collaborate
• An opportunity to work in a perfect location
In return I offer:
• Informative and entertaining content
• Excellent research abilities-(Master’s degree)
• Well versed in Microsoft Office
• Flexible schedule
Thank you for reading the whole thing!