Myles Jeffrey

Myles Jeffrey


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"Fast, Flexible, Humble"
(Dream Big, Plan Well, Execute w/ Precision!)

Myles Jeffrey has contributed to various teams serving a remarkable list of the pinnacle and progressive innovation agendas; As lead /provocateur/connector/board member /investor/council member/director and do-er!

In the markets of sport & lifestyle, military/standard issue, consumer products, advanced contemporary plus luxury goods and health/wellness/longevity, he has lead new product innovation, global sales campaigns, MFG processes, new business development, brand marketing, and end-user insights.

MJ is an evangelist for innovation and progressive growth. His contributions have resulted in 1st place finishes at The Tour De France, Hawaii Ironman, NY Marathon, US Olympic Cycling along with summitting Mount Everest. Retained by Lew Aerospace as a consultant to their Chief Technology Officer and MBF Captial Management, Myles offers both quantitative and creative skills.

Understanding the laws of attraction and demand planning, MJ was selected to open men's fashion markets in Milan and New York for John Varvatos and New York for Rag & Bone.

These collective experiences offer insights earned as an athlete and student of peak performance. A career with remarkable wins and challenging setbacks across various markets, price points and geographies have contributed to, "a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over an exceptional set of circumstances, opportunities, and beliefs."

Approachable and easy to talk with, Myles is welcoming and interested in your agenda!