Farshad Hussain

Farshad Hussain


“Think of yourself as a brand. You need to be remembered. What will they remember you for? What defines you? If you have it in you, do something that defines you. Invent something, develop a unique skill, get noticed for something — it creates a talking point.”

With over 15years experience in Printing, Advertising & licensed apparel, home and accessories. I am a career driven, self motivated and versatile designer. Consciously trend aware and always making sure I deliver a high quality standard of work that is backed by relevant research, for both high and mid market retailers.

I have worked with customers such as Americana for food & Beverage Branding, Landmark
groups, carrefour, Saffeer, Lulu, Naser Sports, Aramco, Tiffeney, Xerox

Having experience across adult to new born apparel. From my experience I have gained good knowledge of Print media as well as prints, fabric and garment construction. Latest projects include soft and hardline products, accessories, ceramics and home.