Mike Filewicz


With the pursuit of my dreams I have accomplished more than I could have ever imagined. My life as a designer, musician and world traveler has crossed paths with professional creatives, life changing musicians and genuine innovators in every industry. My love for original creativity has kept me honest and solidified my integrity as a person. Being born in California and growing up in Houston Texas gave me the perfect balance of a relaxed attitude while respecting those who treat others with an equal amount of respect. My professional career in design and concept creation/marketing spans across mountains of pioneers. I have created and collaborated branding and 360 Campaigns for Chevron, Mountain View Regional Hospitals and US Mens Clay Court Championships. Gaining invaluable knowledge of time management, print production, corporate and progressive design. Keeping my feet on the ground and my ideas in the clouds is the way I think creatively and collaboratively. Some deadlines never end and most projects last long into the evening. I'm looking for that chance to show you what I'm capable of and have the time of my life doing it.