Dory Malicki



I am Dory, a positive force to know looking for my next adventure. As a uniquely seasoned hard goods & soft goods designer with an eye for current trends and styles, I help bring great products to the market place. For the past two and a half years I have worked for DM Merchandising, where I have had the opportunity to design gift products, accessories and apparel. Here, I collaborated and designed the companies first lifestyle accessories brand; where the brand has since expanded from a women’s shoes line to kid’s, men’s, special edition, accessories, bags and clothing. FITKICKS has made over $8 million in 15 months. In addition I have solid brand awareness, pattern making, awesome typography skills and bright color palette experience.

As a multi-disciplined designer, I combine keen technical skills with 17 years of design experience in a variety of areas. My contemporary style and super creative thinking combines my love affair with typography, color and fashion to create sophisticated and striking graphics with current trends and styles.