Kaitlyn Schlicht


Portfolio: http://kaitlynschlicht.com/

Although my roots run deep in storytelling, I’ve worn many different hats in my career. With over seven years of experience working in digital content, as a Content Manager, Editor, and Project Manager, my broad range of experience lends itself well to navigating complex challenges, thinking of big ideas and successfully executing them, being a team player, and possessing a broad understanding.

A few of my favorite aspects of working in digital content include growing a blog and seeing it come to life, directing influencer campaigns and creating hype, and building professional long-lasting relationships.

Career highlights:

• Spearheading the idea and launch of Finish Line Women on the Finish Line Blog and Instagram (@FinishLineWomen) and demonstrating how a new community increased sales.

• Having the Finish Line Blog receive second best in Complex's "The 10 Best Corporate Sneaker Blogs Right Now" during the time I was the daily editor and managing our editorial staff.

• Interviewing my favorite pro snowboarders for Snowboard Mag, including Danny Davis, Nicolas Muller, and Cheryl Maas.

• Acquiring a worldly education while freelancing from 2015-2016; traveling to +16 countries and developing profound cultural knowledge, consulting for a variety of clients in regards to digital content, and launching my own travel website, VIRTVE.com, as a way to continually experiment with content.

To me, there’s nothing better than getting in the groove and feeling the power of a story or campaign coming to life. I’m always in search of new opportunities to work with people who are passionate as I am on extraordinary projects.

Reach out if you want to talk about content, marketing, advertising, travel, snowboarding, or sneakers.

Specialties: Digital content management and strategy, influencer marketing, project management, blogging, social media, writing, editing, editorial team management, leadership