Andrew Rosario


I am an experienced manager with over 9 years in the digital space. Throughout my career I have gained valuable experience across different digital mediums. My background in marketing paired with my work in web, email, social media, and mobile has given me the tools to succeed in my roles and help drive company vision.

I'm currently a Product Owner/Manager at WebMD. Some of my responsibilities include:

Oversee road-maps to drive the development and enhancements of product offerings for web, mobile, email, and social media from planning to execution.

Collaborate with marketing, design, engineering, and sales teams to create a positive user experience to drive traffic and meet business revenue goals.

Manage multi-language products and international relations with global partners for cross-posting programs.

One of my greatest strengths is the ability to build strong relationships and communicate with all levels of a company, from leadership teams to interns, and help them understand and achieve company goals. These relationships help me to build strong teams and execute product initiatives on time.

I love to learn, try new things ,and take risks. These traits help me to succeed and drive success in the projects I work on. I also love to share what I learn in hopes to help others succeed. In my current role I host a bi-monthly webinar show for company staff, where I hold Q&A sessions and share knowledge on our product suite.