Jared Devine


I'm a customer focused and results driven sales professional who excels at building trusting relationships and delivering memorable service. I strive to help customers solve their problems and product needs by selling and promoting high quality, environmentally friendly, and responsibly sourced food, gear and apparel. I enjoy working on driven, passionate teams that share the thrill and excitement of seeking the sale and celebrate closing the deal. My breadth of experience is emblematic both of my deep seated passion for driving sales, progress and innovation, as well as my belief in sustainability as an invaluable element to the success of businesses that depend on the existence of public lands. In all that I do, I am a person of authenticity, integrity and conviction: nothing is lukewarm. I'm always seeking opportunities to work with brands that make the world a better place. Specific fields of interest include the outdoor industry and cannabis (hemp and CBD). My hope and dream is to see more “rejuvenative enterprises” help restore environmental balance and promote social justice, as well as promise new life, new hope, and new prosperity for all.