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christopher Connolly


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i am a dedicated manager who is well rounded in sales, leadership, and marketing. I do everything I can for the company I work for and always go the extra mile to make sure I exceed expectations.

As you see in my attached resume I have extensive sales experience, and even taking my sales to number one in my current region (Hawaii to Las Vegas: 102 locations total) for the year of 2015. Also, leading my club to number 1 in the region and company in new business. I have also Lead, trained, developed, and coach not only my current staff of 26-32 employees, but other locations in two districts as well. My meticulous work of daily, weekly, and monthly business operations and analytical process to day to day reports has led me to always be one of the top in business acumen and execution.

The type of employee I am is one of many traits, but mostly one with intangible qualities of leadership, heart, and competitiveness. I always strive to be number one and make sure that my team is number one as well. I am a versatile and fast learner who takes coaching and applies it instantly. I work tirelessly until the job is done for the greater good of the company. I have been well known through out my company as a top recruiter, coach, sales person, and builder of quality relationships; this last trait has led me to keep clients for 5 plus years.

I am so excited for the chance to work with your amazing company and not only grow personally but help the company grow to the next level.

If you would like to set-up an interview or speak further about working for your company my number is 949-533-4799. Thank you for your consideration.


Christopher Connolly