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Clint Rutledge

Microsoft Office Suite, Data entry, Typing (35/40 wpm). Significant attention and orientation to detail. Strong understanding of business process management, supply chain management, and project management. Ability to meet strict deadlines. Ability to think independently, make decisions and quickly solve problems. Desire to work in a fast-paced and changing business environment. Good oral and written communication skills; excellent presentation skills. Ability to work well within a team.

California Bookkeeping
Financial Analyst
As a financial analyst intern I was involved in various business operations and helped the organization to achieve cost-effective production with increased productivity, efficiency and satisfied customer service. Involved in documenting information by identifying the requirements. Also took active part in data modeling and business modeling. Took part in the preparation of a project plan, and user acceptance testing. I created a database utilizing Microsoft access that was used within the business. I received a broad and detailed understanding of business functionality within a financial business environment. Took part in meetings with sr. business analysts and managers to enhance process plans, current business processes, and functionality in detail. I was also involved in various activities like information gathering, analyzing the information gathered, and documenting the functional or business requirements. I also was involved in developing test plans and test cases. Answered phones, filing, copying, general office responsibilities.

Southern California Edison
Project Analyst
As a project analyst I was a part of a team of analyst and managers that were responsible for the implementation of a compliance management system into the Southern California Edison software infrastructure. Generated ad hoc reports, and analyzed complex data daily for the purpose of submission to upper management to make general business decisions relating to corporate ehs compliance. I was present at the initial stages of this project relating to project charter, scope development and overall implementation into the sce system. This project included identifying crucial compliance areas for internal auditing. I obtained a detailed understanding of business practices and procedures of corporate and field ehs procedures. Participated in many cross department meetings and provided valuable input relating to company operations and services. Developed a power point presentation corporate ehs cms 2010 milestones that was reviewed by all corporate ehs directors and management. Developed 189 site visit maps including geographical layouts of the properties as well as reviewing in detail SPCC plans associated with the property. I possess a detailed understanding of all sce locations including regional offices, service centers, warehouses, substations, and generation facilities powerhouses/peakers. I have a detailed understanding of the sce portal and sap combined. I have experience coordinating meetings, annual training activities and booking meetings over the sce region. I have experience with corporate ehs standards and KPIs. Participated in all of the corporate ehs employee meetings hosted by Cecil House, vp of sce and the corporate ehs directors. Developed an excel spreadsheet diesel total readings that was used by all tsd managers and foremen to input fuel use and consumption relating to internal and stationary combustible engines at all sce locations that housed above ground storage tanks. As a meter reader I was responsible for reading an assigned route at the Fullerton Service Center. Worked safely in the field for over 4 years while maintaining the upmost respect for SCE customers, property, electric vehicle, and Ford F150 pickup truck. Worked in adverse conditions safely such as bad weather, and with dogs daily. I have passed the Microsoft excel and word internal sce staffing exam, cast exam for ground man, and the tech 5107 exam for service planners.

Devry University
BSBA, Bachelors of Science
Business Administration
3.2 Cumulative GPA

References available upon request