John Ochoa


How nice would it be to have that person in your company that you can say, “She/he does everything, we need two”. Well that’s me and it always has been.

Well, now is your chance to have one too. You read plenty of cover letters explaining what great schools someone went to and how they qualify to do something for your company. I know, I’ve read them myself; I’ve written a few. Today is different. What you have done is not nearly as important as what will you do. But in order to understand what someone will do we rely on what they have done, still un-important.

I arrive to work on time and do my job. I do it will and excel at making my job and myself productive. In doing so, I can take on more responsibilities and in turn show others how to be more productive. We do more with less.

My experience spans decades of hard, back breaking work mixed with times of suit and tie management followed by adventures in a position I never heard of and had the opportunity to create and invent products to improve our footprint in our industry. Only a severe injury stopped me. Thank God, someone went to school long enough to know how to put me back together again. This injury was the cause of my layoff and the reason I am now on a new adventure for, one more long-term career.

Think I gave up? Not hardly. After 5 surgeries, I continue to rehab in an effort to return to productivity. I started my own business of helping families with special needs find safe and affordable housing. I continue to volunteer with the Los Angeles and Orange County Special Olympics programs as a volunteer manager. It is my goal and objective to return to work as soon as possible.

I have been very fortunate in my life. Around the world 5 times, thousands of miles under my feet racing offshore sailboats. Working in industries like Nursery/Horticulture, Construction, Retail, Television and the Military, I have seen it all. And yet I’m never amazed at how much I learn daily. That’s the key to my fountain of youth. I keep an open mind and I learn. But more importantly, I do. I’m the guy that gets things done. Wouldn’t you like to have one of me?

Best of the day,
John Ochoa