Jamie Hourdajian


In 2015, I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts degree focused in Journalism and Mass Communications. After hanging up my cap and gown, I accepted a job as a Youth Development Specialist at a therapeutic boarding school in Montana; where the cattle and deer were included in the town’s population of seven hundred. This led to an unplanned, 2-year road trip across the country by myself. I had crossed off 23 new states and memorized the zip codes of three small cities of Montana, California and Colorado for my address book. I stepped out of the comfort of my childhood home in suburbs of New Jersey and into rugged outdoors.

My decision to first set base at the boarding school was to become a role model for adolescent girls, all while trying to understand life from the perspective of the youth discovering their own sense of belonging . I led each student to find their self-confidence through wilderness activities; creating a foundation of trust and accountability among their peers.

Following my adventure in Montana, I shifted gears and spent the winter season in San Diego, California for six months. After endless ocean breeze days and craving for the mountain vibes again, I hit the open road to Breckenridge, Colorado. I stayed in the rockies for six months until making a move back East in October 2017.

That's a bit of my story, now, I'm looking for the chance to tell yours! Actively seeking a position in the outdoor community. Willing to re-locate!