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Patrick Gaynor


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March - November 2013: I worked as a surf instructor for Strandhill Surf School. The main roles of this job included general lifeguard duties and providing surf lessons to clients. Through this work I developed strong public speaking skills.

September 2013 - May 2017: I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Science in Trinity College Dublin. My specialization is Geography. For my final year dissertation I have chosen the topic "Surfers as a Stakeholder in Coastal Development". Through this dissertation topic I have interviewed prominent members of the Irish and international surfing community including Nick Mucha from Save The Waves and Irish surfers Fergal smith and Seamus McGoldrick.

May - August 2014: I worked as a surf instructor for Surf 'n' Stay in Strandhill, Co. Sligo.

October 2014- Present: I am a barista/ general staff member of the SU Café, Trinity College Dublin. This is a student run Co-Op café. All staff members are involved in business development, hiring, stock management and marketing.

June - August 2016: I worked as a waiter and barman in Le Bordeaux Gordon Ramsay, which is part of Intercontinental Bordeaux - Le Grand Hôtel. Through this Job I improved my French speaking ability to a Working level proficiency. This job also provided my with training in luxury customer service.

October 2016 - Present: I officially registered a start up I have been working on; Surf Sharing Ltd. Surf Sharing is a ridesharing service for surfers. This service will make it cheaper and easier for surfers to get to and from the waves, and will help them to meet other surfers in the process.