Austin Zito

Austin Zito

Business Owner, Designer, Hatter, Assistant Store Manager

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I am a business owner, designer, and Hatter. I design and make custom hats for Zito Hat Co. I love to create things and hat making combines my love of silversmithing, leather work, fashion, functionality and exceptional customer service all into one! Making a hat for someone is the same as tattooing a person, its a collaboration between both the artist and client to design something extremely personal that will last a lifetime. Establishing life-long clientele is one of my passions and is something that I excell at.

I am also a retail expert. I have experience excelling in high volume, fast-paced retail settings while being able to lead a team to achieve sales targets. I have a proven ability to train employees to maximize their sales potential as well as analyze and assess a store's product displays and layout and adjust it in order to maximize sell through and optimize $/square foot.

I am also a passionate skateboarder. Ive been skateboarding for 12 years and I will never stop. Im very familiar with the action sports industry and I have the ability to successfully navigate through it.

I am also very into building and riding motorcycles. I am on my fourth motorcycle build and I love to work on them, ride them, and go on trips with my friends!