Albert Molina

Albert Molina

multimedia designer

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I’ve been a multimedia designer for several years and have created artwork for use in multiple mediums such as printed material, television graphics, and the internet. I’m also formally trained and routinely do production work like sketching, scanning, printing, cutting, pasting, building and assembling mock-ups, samples, and prototypes. I have a hands-on understanding of pre-press and the challenges presented coordinating between clients and vendors both domestic and foreign. I’ve developed as a well rounded photographer in order to capture a variety of products, merchandise, and still life as well as documenting diverse environments such as live events like concerts, fashion shows, and conferences. I am adept at video filming and editing as well as many of the creative and technical aspects associated with those tasks. I have also learned to understand, create and modify technical drawings such as die lines, schematics, 3D drawings, floor maps and blueprints.

I have gained vast experience designing and developing packaging, displays and miscellaneous printed material for use in retail environments such as Costco, Walmart/Sam’s Club, Target, Best Buy, etc. and ecommerce sites. My involvement included designing concepts, aiding in the management, pre-production, development and manufacturing of projects up to and including the successful fulfillment, shipping and installation of product in stores. I consistently demonstrated the ability to take direction from clients, supervisors, management and associates; taking ownership of each project, utilizing consultative skills to anticipate customer needs, suggest alternatives, and provide solutions.

I am passionate, motivated, driven, resourceful, innovative, forward thinking, highly receptive to feedback and obtaining additional responsibilities. I thrive in a collaborative and cooperative team environment but am also capable of working independently to meet or supersede desire-oriented results. I'm good with communication, follow-through and being detail oriented along with excellent problem solving capabilities. I am able to be fluid and dynamic while adhering to standard operating rules and procedures in order to handle working on multiple projects or function in a fast paced or highly pressured environment. I’m committed to success while striving to deliver a positive experience to all.

In an effort to continue and improve my creative wellness I decided to amicably end my relationship with my last employer and started to look for creative challenges and opportunities elsewhere. I believe I can become a valued asset to your organization. My portfolio is available at if you're interested in reviewing some of my past work. Thank you in advanced for reviewing my qualifications and taking the time to consider the possibility of developing a new working relationship.