Max Cardamon

Max Cardamon

Project Manager

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Visual Merchandising - Point of Purchase (P.O.P) Displays

I am a Project manager at Rapid Displays. With a youthful mindset, the willingness to learn, and a blank canvas, I have picked up the Rapid torch and carried it through many successful projects; many of them for fortune 500 companies, cosmetic retailers, and "designer" brands.

Heavy involvement in R&D-- I fulfill prototype needs with a sense of ownership and pride. I am an avid mountain bike enthusiast, serviceman, and amateur chef. I always aim to bring a smile to the drawing board no matter the timeline, budget, or engineering challenge. Early in my career, I learned that with the right team, winning attitude, and the desire to accomplish extraordinary things, anything is possible.

"4 weeks? We can build a spaceship in 4 weeks!" - Rapid Beauty Division