Carmela Prudencio

Carmela Prudencio

Retail Management and Merchandising/ Freelance Event Marketing,

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I pride myself on being a motivated, ambitious, goal-oriented leader. Through strategic planning, I have been able to successfully operate a retail store. I have a strong background in visual merchandising and am continuing my development of business strategies and brand identity. My long term goal is to become a merchandise planner in the action sports industry. I have a passion for the heritage of the action sports lifestyle and it shows in my work ethic.

Action sports retailing is significant in my life for the values it represents: dedication, individuality, and collaboration. Because the lifestyle industry is driven by dedicated individuals who are continuously competing with themselves to be better, I am inspired to never give up my drive to work towards my own high standards and hold those around me accountable for those standards as well. The key differentiator of action sports from other fashion/retail industries is its authentic individuality and innovation. My Southern Californian heritage immersed in the punk and skate subculture has given me a unique approach to retail management and has been my inspiration for working in this field. Lastly, the art of collaboration has propelled skate culture into the powerhouse it is today by individuals sharing techniques, locations, and ideas in order to keep the lifestyle alive. I firmly believe that through collaboration, teams are able to develop as leaders and innovate new strategies for problem solving and reaching their goals.