Edward Wilkinson

Edward Wilkinson

Director of Development and Marketing at Scorpion Sports

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With over ten years of experience in Product Development, Product Line Management, Identifying Market Trends and with Product Marketing, I thrive on the challenges of developing new and profitable high end products for special applications. I have a profound knowledge of materials and construction in the fields of footwear, motorcycle protective apparel, outdoor apparel, as well as footwear, packs and bags.

I have expertise in all aspects of product development; management, sourcing, costing, and marketing. My strength is finding new technologies and innovation. I am accomplished in material and technology sourcing, including custom proprietary materials and laminates, impact absorbing materials (armor) and other technologies.

I am skilled at observing, understanding, and capturing market opportunities, as well as identifying needs and problems. My superpower is anticipating and avoiding design and production problems before they occur. I am masterful at communicating complex designs and fitting patterns as well as changes in prototypes to overseas factories. I save my company tremendous amounts of travel money because I rarely have to travel to the factories.

Due to my Economics and Finance degree at Columbia University, my thought processes are extremely analytical and logical. I work well independently as well as within a team. I have developed managerial processes, managed teams, and I know how to lead and encourage my co-workers to achieve optimal results. I bring products to market, on time and at reasonable prices.