Laura Befeler


I am a seasoned advertising professional / creative talent / beach sports freak. You could say I’m a surfer chick by morning, marketing pro by midday and creative writer by night. These distinct aspects combined with my fun and dynamic personality make me quite the unique candidate for 93 Distribution.

I’m actually on the edge of my seat at the moment thinking about all the different things I could offer the company. I’ll start with experience, because I have quite a bit of it. With almost nine years in the advertising biz, I have tackled everything from project management to copywriting and everything in between. I have worked in tandem with Sales and Account teams to implement creative strategies and have been a huge part of the workflow process from idea conception to production to results analysis. I know the ins and outs of account sales and what it takes to see clients satisfaction and to watch accounts effectively grow. I am also extremely comfortable working autonomously to reach my own goals without supervision, yet I love coming together as a team when it comes time to move forward as a whole.

Although my advertising experience has been mostly with cars and pets, I am very excited about the prospect of working on action sports, as I am an avid surfer and beach volleyball player. Originally haling from a snowy state, snowboarding is my passion. I even skate too, (I love my signed Hosoi board!)

But what I think makes me a very special player is that I have also been a screenwriter for ten years on the side. I have written varies forms of comedy from TV pilots to short films to marketing videos to features. I always look at things from a slightly humorous and creative outlook. This perspective has served me very well as I’m always thinking of the ‘big story’ and how to enthusiastically paint this picture for perspective clients. And instead of getting stuck, I am always thinking of new creative ideas to expand upon whatever work situation I am in.

I do believe I would bring a very inspired, enthusiastic and creative vibe to the company. I’m not someone who just spins my creative wheels, I’m a go-getter who is ready to come in swinging to get some awesome results.

I would love to meet in person to further discuss my background and the Account Executive position.