I have a unique understanding of the complex human condition, and an ability to adapt. With extensive experience in marketing and tourism; I have a broad understanding of marketing in all print and digital settings. Having been integral in product testing, research and development for several leading Outdoor Industry companies. I am a retired World cup ski and bike racer. I've been technician and team manager. I am current in all OEM proprietary and race component bike technical specifications. I have worked successfully in events, marketing, sponsorships, promotions, and team management. I have global contacts from 20 years in ski and bike industry(China, Japan, Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, US, Canada, Hawaii, and Mexico). I have a keen sense for marketing across all media platforms. Customer service, sales, service, tourism and product design development and testing. I have finger on the pulse of current and future trends in gravel, e-bike, city, mountain and road bike categories.