david caamano

david caamano

Sales Manager
Currently: Managing Partner at Present Financial Partners & Insurance, LLC
Location: costa mesa CA
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David Caamano
Experienced Sales Professional

As a passionate, seasoned Sales Professional with over 15 years of successful sales and marketing experience, I truly believe that I could bring immense value to your organization. With my expertise in customer service, and my advanced ability to develop and maintain business relationships, I am confident that I am the perfect candidate for this position.

My passion for sales began years before I entered the corporate world. As a young entrepreneur at the age of 8, I started my own business of repainting address numbers on curbs in front of the houses in my neighborhood. It may not seem like much, but this is truly where my passion for sales and marketing began.

I have been in the sales industry my entire life. I worked in the mortgage industry, home improvement sales, and personal banking sales all before I turned 18. However, my core sales and marketing experience began when I started working with Cingular (now AT&T), where I worked as a Sales Representative, and eventually was promoted to Sales Assistance Manager. While working with AT&T (for 11 years) I gained extensive knowledge of customer service standards, the importance of developing and maintaining relationships for repeat business/referrals, and passionately promoting my brand at every opportunity possible.

While working as a Sales Representative, I consistently exceeded sales goals, often being named the top representative not only in my store, but also in the local “market” (out of about 150 sales associates across 7 stores). Additionally, I was often commended on my positive attitude, and ability to inspire my colleagues. I always accepted the challenge of training and developing newly hired associates, as it offered an opportunity for me to grow as a leader. Throughout my time with AT&T, I earned several awards for my sales achievements, but even more importantly, for my accomplishments in leadership roles, which I am most proud of.

After being promoted to Assistant Store Manager, I was able to creatively train and manage my sales team, by implementing sales tactics and consistently expressing the importance of customer service. In only six months as an Assistant Manager, I was able to harness my sales expertise and creative thinking, to motivate my team and obtain some of the top sales that the store had ever recorded.

I am currently working as a Managing Partner for Present Financial Partners, an Insurance Brokerage Firm. In early 2016, I earned my Insurance License, and became certified in the state of California by the Department of Insurance. Instead of a product driven industry (as AT&T was), this industry is purely services driven. I have had the opportunity to learn first hand the importance of marketing and selling myself, along with selling solutions for my clients. I have mastered the art of prospecting, and can absolutely call myself an expert! I make hundreds of cold calls a day, and have utilized social media and other technology outlets to successfully promote my brand. In addition, I have developed creative tactics for generating new business leads, along with creative incentives for referrals given by existing clients. I feel that with this newly developed sales experience, and my previous years with AT&T, I am a well rounded Sales/Business Professional who can adapt to any environment to meet and exceed any goals I am presented with.

David Caamano
Experienced Sales Professional

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  • To leverage my unique skills
  • experience and thirst for continuous improvement as a competitive advantage for my business partners.
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Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Screenprinter, Photographer, Production Artist, Digital Signage Manager  
Founder & CEO at Rad Season