Jennifer Mina Ouellette


I designed my first dress when I was 16 years old. I’ve always been passionate about fashion, so I taught myself the fundamentals of design, pattern making, and apparel construction. When I entered the workforce, I fell in love with business management. My resulting career in Product Development and Merchandising is a perfect synthesis: it combines my creative side and my organizational leadership skills.

In my role as a Lead Merchandiser for Newport Blue and private label brands for global retailers, I provide art direction, drive and execute brand strategy, analyze the market and forecast trends, and find win-win methods to expand our market share. Being able to see the big picture while also understanding tactical execution is what allows me to take a product from concept to completion, with the utmost dedication to high-quality design and manufacturing.

I am relentless in my mission to conquer any goal in front of me and don’t rest until the job is done. It doesn’t hurt that I am meticulously organized, shockingly punctual, and continually evaluating ways to improve workflows and processes. My mental directory houses over 1,000 colors and graphics and I can tell you our production schedule to a T for the next 6 months.

My Areas of Expertise:

- Production Management

- Graphic Design / Pantone Color

- Scored 0 on Munsell Color Test

- Forecasting & Trend Prediction

- Branding Strategy

- Process Improvement

- Market Research & Analysis

- Product Line Presentations

- Team Leadership