Pavla Mertlik

Pavla Mertlik

Product Developer at Hala Gear

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I am not your original crayon in the box, curiosity is what makes me dig deeper, ask more questions and try figure it out. An avid outdoor enthusiast and a person willing to try anything twice, I work hard and get things done.

I had the privilege to attend the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design to be an Industrial Designer and try to create things that will be of benefit to the people around us. After a year of traveling and living at home, I moved to a ski town with 12,000 people, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But after having luck on my side, I got a job with Hala Gear as the Product/Graphic Designer. Sometimes things align to work out for the best.

With growing and learning new things everyday, my current job at Hala Gear has helped me to develop skills that are not taught in school. Which has helped me to become successful in the field I am most interested in while creating products that help people get outside and enjoy the places that are around us.