David Correll


Successful Sales and Marketing Strategist with strong background in Real Estate Management(~$200+MLN AUM to date), Start-ups, Business Operations, Consulting, Social Media/Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, and Extreme Sports (Skydiving / BASE Jumping / Speedflying).

If my life could be summarized in one word it would be ‘resilience’. Overcoming life’s challenges in the face of adversity and always rising above the occasion with the mental fortitude to adapt and roll with the punches.

Additionally I believe in the power of helping others to realize their own dreams, strengths, and values; believing whole heartedly that this focus should be centric to management and leadership alike. Doing so provides and fosters an environment of trust, collaboration, and confidence creating strong bonds and culture that simply cannot be created otherwise. Do things for others and watch how much people do for you.

Contact me at anytime at [email protected], or call me at (619) 880-0630.