Kate Rooney

Kate Rooney

Graphic Designer at Enzoani

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After graduating from college with a degree in English and a minor in Psychology, I began to pursue graphic design as a hobby, quite literally making mock logos or flyers in my spare time, and strengthened my Photoshop skills by editing photos of my dog hanging out with questionable tabloid celebrities. This snowballed into creative marketing pieces for my employer, prompting my role as marketing manager, and then eventually working part-time as a freelance graphic designer for one of the best design firms in Orange County. Now I am a full-time graphic designer for a global bridal collection, Enzoani.

Along with my work, my interests include health and fitness, travel, and literature. I also have a slight obsession with dogs. When not working, you can find me running along the trails in Southern California, enjoying any sort of ocean activity, reading a good book on my porch, or hanging out with my beloved mutt, Huckleberry.

View my design work here: www.kateinreallife.com.