Kaitlyn Frank

Kaitlyn Frank


I'm a marketing content strategist and developer, copywriter, researcher, and project manager. I seek to learn, I live to tell, and I yearn to make things happen.

I’ve spent the past five years with an integrated B2B marketing agency creating corporate communications for a Fortune 100 client in the technology and industry field. I have developed content and content marketing strategies for product launches, rebranding campaigns, websites and social media, advertisements, letters, brochures, a variety of presentations and written materials, and more. I understand the strategies involved in creating successful corporate communications for specific audiences and across mediums. I know how to write with an appropriate voice for the project purpose, and my background in graphic design helps me understand how the copy I write fits within a visual context.

I have a knack for seeking out stories. My journalism background has taught me how to ask questions upon questions until I unearth that nugget of information that will make waves. I know how to put myself in the shoes of my audience in order to find the words that will resonate the best with them.

I have learned to swiftly understand new content. I work with executives to shape high-level messages. I work with engineers, scientists, and subject matter experts to take complex information and translate it into concise, engaging and effective written messages. I’ve interviewed subjects from all corners of the globe, and told their stories in print, digital, and video. At the core, what I do is learn my clients’ stories and channel their knowledge into something that is relevant and impactful with their audience.