Richard Shaw

Richard Shaw

Product Designer / Product Manager

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It’s in the creative team where I undoubtedly thrive. Playing around with concepts, weighing up possible solutions and sharing ideas with fellow creative minds never feels like work, it’s just where my brain is at home. I relish any opportunity to advance my learning and broaden my inspirations. The feeling of progression that comes from this constant development feeds my motivation, and is something I reflect back into the team around me.

Working for small and medium sized companies has given me the opportunity to not only be involved in, but actually instrumental in bringing projects to life. With this background I have become something of a Swiss-army knife, able to flick between industrial designer, product manager, copywriter and even photographer. The variety keeps things interesting but I feel my strength lies in the creative process, problem solving and logical thinking. I relish the early stages of a project, as ideas are being moulded and concepts start coming to light.