Randall Baird

Randall Baird

Strategic Sales Professional

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I have recently checked an item off my personal bucket list: a 16-month road trip around the United States. After 490 days navigating the by-ways of America, seeing 39 states, and logging 28,464 miles on my truck, I realized my dream of experiencing the wilderness of the major mountain ranges, seeing America’s iconic historical places, and kiteboarding some of the nation’s best coastal locations. That experience honed my ability to connect with people from every walk of life, and to always search and uncover new opportunities. The skill I most heavily relied on is the ability to create, execute, and continuously adapt a complex plan, linking over 1,900 points of interest while adhering to a strict budget.

Prior to my travels, my primary focus was my work at Yardi Systems. Through strategic software decisions, I aided clients in increasing revenue and business efficiency. My strengths were highlighted by my ability to evaluate a multitude of options available to my clients, and to decisively match my product's strengths to their long-term business goals. I consistently delivered quality work, keeping Yardi’s goals and message at the forefront of my mind while talking with clients and developing marketing content.

Moving forward, I have set my sights on my next adventure: being an integral and essential member of a remarkable company. That company will have a strong passion for their product and a deep respect for their customer. They will be a driver of positive change in their local community and global environment. But above all, that company will have customers who are as genuinely stoked to use their product, as I am stoked to provide that product to them.

To view my entire work history and additional qualifications, please visit my Linkedin profile at www.linkedin.com/in/randallbaird
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