Ashley Peery

Ashley Peery

eCommerce Manager

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Hi! I’m Ashley.

With a passion for fashion, digital marketing and buyer behavior trends, I am always looking for new ways to expand an online business and elevate the user experience.

I take pride in my experience creating and leading the digital marketing strategy and online reputation for a premiere real estate developer. With a successful web launch of 16 separate sites and my prosperous online reputation strategy, this client was able to increase sales all while building long term relationships with their customers.

More recently, I have diversified my digital marketing experience as a consultant giving small businesses a voice in the eCommerce marketplace. Building consumer morale and sales, these businesses have prospered from my SEM & SEO expertise.

Looking to expand my skill-set and marry my 3 passions, I took on an eCommerce retail client to push forward with their SEO, eCommerce merchandising and branding efforts.

Artfully managing digital marketing and branding, I have also mastered the eCommerce marketplace. Selling merchandise and listings in the Amazon marketplace and Shopify platforms have been rewarding.

I am constantly seeking innovative ways to elevate your online brand while growing and developing my talents. I’m inspired by trends in the fashion and home goods industries and all things beauty. Whether you’re looking for innovative ways to reach consumers in your business and industry or looking for a fellow colleague to bounce ideas off of, DM me. I’m always looking for new like-minded people to collaborate with and bounce ideas off of.

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