Sean Martin


Experienced storyteller and content creator with a proven track record working with iconic brands, record labels, creative agencies, broadcast channels and journalism publications.

I got my start working in the fast paced world of film production in New York City, where I quickly gained the technical skills that would become the foundation for my career. In 2011 I was honored with a nomination for Best Cinematography by SURFER Magazine for my work on Mikey DeTemple’s innovative surf film Sight / Sound. The film was sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger and was my first experience working in branded digital content. Since then, I have gone on to work with brands, magazines and agencies as a director, producer, writer and photographer.

I am passionate about compelling storytelling. Whether I’m delving into the subcultures of Southern California for Huck Magazine or producing branded digital content for Levi’s, I pursue every project with enthusiasm and I strive to bring a fresh prospective to each and every subject.

My professional goal is to tell the stories of people who don’t have a voice in this crowded digital world. I believe there is an opportunity for brands to partner with real people who’s stories can inspire us all on a personal and genuine level.

Clients who I am proud to have worked with include:

-Huck Magazine
-Amadeus Magazine
-Harley Davidson
-Columbia Records
-Sony Records
-Ralph Lauren
-Saturdays NYC

I am available for freelance and full-time opportunities. I look forward to speaking with you!