Anthony Valeriano

Anthony Valeriano

Freeland Photographer & Visual Storyteller

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Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Cincinnati, with concentrations in Creative Writing and Interior Design, I traveled my way through the college experience, still taking every opportunity I can to see the world. Always seeking a new adventure, I put everything I have into absolutely everything I do.

My passion has always been in ideas, and in story-telling; most importantly, the way in which we communicate our lives through experience. In the developing age of the millennial, we each are our own brand, and must create an agility for brands and experiences to adapt and evolve. I am looking for life's most amazing experiences, and in turn, to create those amazing experiences for others.

Love of story, design, travel, photography, and pushing the limits of life has led me to incredible places and given me even more incredible opportunities. I have big goals and even bigger dreams, learning more every single day. I am amidst a career focused on the magic of storytelling, and the awe of experience. Lastly, I have the audacity to dream, and I believe dreams are absolutely necessary to create reality. I am constantly searching for the vehicle to facilitate my dreams, and I am ready to create a better, magical reality.

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney