I am currently the head of sales at a lighting company. I moved my way up from the assistant sales to head of sales. I have been in lighting most my life but ever since I was a child action sports has been my life. I have created two businesses in my very brief 22 years of living. One was a customizable ductape wallet company and the other was customizable lanyard company. Both had success. I actually had the opportunity to pitch my idea to a private group of investors in Newport beach about the wallets. They all loved it and bought 20 each. That was when I was 17 years old. since then I've had other great jobs that have helped shape me into the hard working disciplined man I am today. I have done a pool cleaning service, lighting maintenance which is very detailed oriented which I think will carry over extremely well any job in the action sports field. Also as I mentioned earlier now I am in inside sales position, which has taught me customer service and how to negotiate money transactions so its a win-win for the customer and my company. I have recently picked up marathon running which isn't very professional but it proves that I can start something and finish it regardless of what the difficulty is and I think that separates me from a lot of the field.