Aubree Dieckmeyer


I'm somewhat of a perfectionist and like to always stay busy. I am a people person meaning that I get along with every type of personality. I can read people very well and genuinely find joy in helping others. I'm a problem solver, so I am constantly thinking about ways to improve any situation. I am organized and dependable and keep my personal life separate from my work life. Multitasking comes naturally to me, allowing me to maintain a unique and relaxed style and atmosphere while staying driven to consistently work harder in order to ensure that all expectations are met. When faced with new experiences, I am eager to expand my knowledge and keep a flexible approach and consistently rise to any occasion. I’m a fast learner, detail oriented, and a problem solver who stays busy and takes initiative. When the opportunity is given to me, I work well spontaneously and under pressure. I am experienced in overseeing the smooth-running of business operations in differing environments and skilled at schedule-management while keeping up-to-date with computer software. When completing tasks, I am an overachiever; therefore, I am accustomed to delivering superior results through great, personal effort. I am courteous, friendly, natural and professional. I am resourceful and inventive.