Jason Sakurai

Jason Sakurai

Managing Director, Roadhouse Marketing

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It all boils down to the 'fun' factor: If it isn't fun, why do it? Whether it's automotive, apparel or entertainment, I enjoy what I do and the results speak for themselves. You can't fake enthusiasm; you either have it or you don't.

To me, every day is different, challenging and exciting. I live for this, and money hasn't changed a thing. I was offered a boatload of it to head up advertising for a media company based in NYC. Don't get me wrong, visiting New York is great, but to live and work there? I couldn't fathom how you expect to call yourself an 'enthusiast' when you've never driven anything, and that's the difference between living the life or just talking about it.

I like product, seeing it being designed, engineered and produced. Getting it into distribution, and delivered to end users who can at any level appreciate the packaging, advertising, and branding in addition to the product itself is gratifying.

To quote Lee Clow, "Few things guarantee failure faster than the 'safe' option." While I'm not reckless, many of my ideas are scary good.