Jeff Imray


Jeff Imray is a creative and innovative visionary, who has built a flourishing and distinguished career in the creative marketing field. Throughout his career, Jeff has achieved success in a number of diverse roles as a Creative Director, Trade Show Coordinator, E-Commerce Director, Art Director, Project Manager, Interactive Designer and Graphic Designer. Jeff’s proficiencies include: managing marketing and development teams, building & maintaining e-commerce sites, custom API for CRM apps, overseeing back-end and front facing web/app development, lead generation & nurturing B2B & B2C, email marketing, google analytics and A/B testing.

Expertly produced product marketing and development for products on the shelf and online; expertise managing marketing and creative assets for fortune 500 companies (Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, Albertsons, REI and BassPro) Proficient at designing retail packaging & sales presentations(decks) for presentation to companies’ stakeholders.

Jeff has efficiently organized and managed all aspects of numerous trade shows resulting in the systematic execution of events; directed sales teams, and consistently achieved goals and objectives of the shows.

Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills with a passion for working with customers and sales teams.