Viv Kaizer

Viv Kaizer

Senior Marketing Manager + Graphic Artist

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I am a 14+ year devotee of creative communication with an established history of successful experience with companies ranging from start-ups to well-respected organizations in trendsetting industries. As a strong culture driven professional, I focus on building authentic and purposeful content, visually and verbally, that resonates with consumers (B2B or B2C) and internal teams alike.

Currently, I function as a Senior Marketing Manager and Graphic Artist for a VaporBeast, a Southern California based e-commerce company. My role is to manage, create, and execute the overall outbound and inbound communication for both Wholesale and Retail in tandem with developing creative strategies for consistent, steadfast growth and retention.

As I continue to gain experience in the field of design and creative thinking, I become significantly aware of the true measurement of success and the importance of leadership. I have been fortunate to have worked with some outstanding leaders that have shown genuine empathy, understanding and a healthy emphasis of team culture and self-care. So as I continue to grow I challenge myself and those around me to pass those very important lessons to our teams-- to propel their energetic shifts towards success for the well being of the individual and the business.