Amy Magyar, PCC


As a dynamic Professional Coach, Facilitator, and Business Strategist, I have 18+ years of professional development experience in sales growth and strategy, supporting employees, clients, and customers in making sustainable choices and navigating change in their companies, professional careers and personal lives, and testing the boundaries of what is possible everyday. Whewh. All that? Yes and then some.

I’m also known as a:

¦ Change Agent: Championing and helping folks navigate change; change that has been made for them, change they decide on for themselves.

¦ Goal Ninja: Focused on the “getting of goals”, not just the “setting” part for one-on-one clients, businesses and organizations.

¦ Leadership Revolutionary: Support emerging and veteran leaders as they learn to create the fine art of achieving exceptional results within each employee (and within themselves).

¦ Relationship Builder: Ability to connect with people and make them feel heard, validated
and supported. Able to “hear” left and right brained folks, respecting their uniqueness.

¦ Motivator: Passionate about encouraging and empowering others to get out of their own way and take the next step…and create a new perspective without restrictions.

¦ Pioneer in Mentoring and Coaching: Honored with winning the Outdoor Industries Pioneer of the Year Award in 2010 for achievement in mentoring and coaching professionals at all levels within the industry.

¦ Voice Identifier: Extensive experience cultivating and training managers to become clear on their
strengths and core values, bringing them to life and ultimately, practice.

Headquartered in Vermont, I work worldwide. So take a chance and email me at [email protected] I know I will make a difference for you.