casey arisohn


Founder/CEO 2012-Present
Domestic Conception
• Full service accessory development and sourcing company
• Have developed and sourced the most competitive prices and quality for private label retailers from Active, to Zumiez, Muscle Pharm, Yea Nice, Rockstar Energy, and Karmaloop
• Expertise in sourcing Asia for the best accessories such as, bags/back packs, socks, shoes, hats, beanies, wallets, belts, sandals, sunglasses, etc

Founder/CEO 2008-Present
• Started the company and sold over 15 million dollars worth of product and over 400,000 pair of shoes while maintaining a positive bottom line every year.
• Developed all footwear with all factories in many territories from China, to Vietnam, Portugal, Italy, Indonesia, and Mexico.
• Built out the line to give us an IMU of 55-70% for 8 years, while having pricing 10-20% lower retail pricing than the competition, with the same quality.
• Negotiated terms with all manufacturers to benefit the our business
• Hired all employees from IT, Customer service, Ecom, Graphic designers, QC employees, etc.
• Developed procedures and strategies to operate the most effectively without over spending and losing productivity.
• Worked with influencer/stylists to secure product placement and PR/Marketing on celebrities and entertainers such as Jay Z, Justin Beiber, Kobe Bryant, Terrell Owens, Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, and many more.
• Hired all sales rep force and distributors, while establishing all distributor/licensing agreements and financial structures. Built the sales rep pay scale to benefit the company while also being fair to the reps to keep moral high
• Put together all marketing POP, Photo shoots, and social media content and execution. From hiring photographers, conceptualizing shoot, distribution of content for social, catalogs, ecom, and POP in store merchandising. Sourced and built out all in store displays, tradeshow displays, and free standing displays.
Owner/CEO 2012-2016

Buyer/Merchandiser/Accessory sourcing 2003-2008
Beach Bums retail chain
• Managed product assortment, margins, discount timelines, shipping dates, open to buy, and in store experience to maximize turn/performance.
• Started the stores private label business for Sandals, sunglasses, and shoes.
• Created exclusive assortments with vendors so we would be the only place to purchase key product

Sales Rep 2001-2002
LRG/Lifted Reseach Group
• Was responsible for sales from San Diego boarder to Santa Barbra in California the first year of LRG business

Sales/Buyer/Merchandiser 1999-2003
Jacks Surfboards/Garage