Ryan Wenos


I am a seasoned GM and retail specialist with over 11 years of management experience. My work has covered the spectrum from sales floor customer service to back-end business operations, and most everything in between. I’ve had the opportunity to be part of a small, growing, independent company, as well as a large public company.

While at Run On! I was promoted three times, eventually becoming the GM, where I served as the right hand to the founder/CEO. After the newly-formed Running Specialty Group (RSG) acquired Run On! (Oct '12) I made a lateral move to a position on RSG’s dedicated Store Operations team. That move expanded my territorial obligation from just the DFW metro area to the entirety of RSG’s stores (east coast to Rocky Mountains). Over the years, I covered a lot of ground, including overseeing key personnel decisions, developing employees for advancement to leadership positions, managing several large projects, leading the team through strategic planning and determining the best KPI’s to track, establishing protocols for improving inventory control, and countless additional endeavors.

With Run On!, in particular, an entrepreneurial mindset was encouraged. I embraced that mentality, taking ownership of business development strategies, and likewise inspiring the same among my team. I continually sought better ways of delivering the ultimate customer experience, and employed other tactics such as special events and mutually beneficial referral relationships to grow our sales and customer base.

Through 2016-17, I seized an opportunity to devote some time to family as it coincided with the birth of my wife’s and my first child, and to relocate from TX to CA. During this period, I attended several trade shows and conferences, participated in online education, kept up with my network, and continued to follow industry news. I'm as sharp and focused as ever, and am eager to rejoin the retail industry in a multi-unit or operations management role.