Joni Beyster



My name is Joni, and I’m a graphic designer. I’ve grown up creating art and enjoy learning more about the role design and visual graphics have in my life. I’ve been involved in Graphic Design for about 9 years now, including earning my BFA from Utah State University. The Graphic Design field has brought many opportunities. Currently, I am a product designer for the crafting celebrity, Heidi Swapp. This position has taught me so much. I’ve learned how to design patterns, work with physical product, work with sourcing. The most exciting thing I’ve learned is the process of making a product idea an actual packaged product sold in stores, such as Michael’s and JoAnn retail stores. Anything from stickers, albums, marquee signs, paper pads, paints, tools, washi tape, etc. I’m in charge of Heidi’s Marquee program, which has been American Crafts most successful program to date. I oversee the design of Marquee shapes, and look over files to ensure we are sending our factories the correct content.

I worked as a Lead Web Designer at my previous job for I was there for two years. The developers loved working with me at NordicTrack because I kept very clear communication, was thorough in my design-to-developer notes, and ensured we met frequently. The largest project I oversaw was the transition of We took it from being a static site to an adaptive site. Another large accomplishment was doubling the open rates of our emails by changing our emails from product-based to story-based with meaningful content. I love learning how to design simple, clean, quick, user-friendly, fresh interfaces and I greatly look forward to more of that in my work.