Adrian Garcia

Adrian Garcia

Designer / Visionary

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Possessing 7+ years of experience in graphic design, lifestyle based apparel design, and product development design.

Adrian Garcia is a well-rounded and multi-faceted designer who is comfortable with balancing a consistent workload while consistently thinking outside the box to create fresh new concepts. He runs around with ambiguity, and also enjoys collaborations and not afraid to speak up with creative ideas within the organization/company.

Adrian have built a career in a variety of roles and industries; either for a big or small companies where he was not just the designer but also an apparel design director, creative director, owning his own brand and also a marketing guru. He's not only used to wearing many hats, he sincerely admire it; he thrive in an environment where organization/company, and teamwork are involve.

Technical Skills: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Lightroom, Excel, and Word.