Simon Skalka


Copenhagen born, business-school educated entrepreneur, executive and leader. Responsible, experienced and initiative. Communicates and collaborates well and on high level with staff, partners and clients. Stubborn but humble, and know how to hire and fire. Just turned 30 and family dad on 11th year, that supports and understand family needs and job priorities to make everything a whole. Been skateboarding in my youth, skiing and snowboarding for 16 years, swimming for 13 years and trained boxing and judo for 8 years.


My values are fundamental to my success and defines who I am.
The first thing I say when I start a new venture is to have fun doing what I am doing - However to do so, I have to be good at what I am doing. And I truly believe I am.
To obtain and reach the above, I need to show passion for my work, I have to be able to believe in good ethics when it comes down to how I do business with partners, costumers, employees and the world around me. I cannot afford not to keep my end of the bargain, I have to be responsible and accountable for any action I make.
To be successful I need to be visionary and innovative with everything I work with and how I can help develop the individual as well as the whole team. Cause products and people must add up for success!
To sum up, I want to have fun, be good, have passion and good ethics, be responsible and accountable for decisions made, be visionary and innovative and have a lot of success with the business I work for!