Grady Bing


My name is Grady Bing and for the past two seasons, I have been a Pit Crew Coach for the Nos. 48 and Nos. 88 cars at Hendrick Motorsports. Prior to my time at Hendrick, I was a college football coach for three years.
I was completely new to the sport of NASCAR two seasons ago. It was a foreign world to me, and it was something I would need to learn on the fly. Not only did I comprehend my job, but also I came to understand the sport itself. One needs to react quickly in this sport, and thinking critically, but also rationally is critical to being successful.
I have lived in the highest, most demanding environment for the past 80 out of 104 weeks of my life. Adapting, thinking on your toes, and multi-tasking have just been engrained in my work ethic because of this. We were expected to win every race, and truly lived by the motto, “if you are not getting better, you are getting worse.”
This past season, through hard work and dedication, I was able to win not only the Sprint Cup championship, but also my pit crew won the 2016 Most Valuable Pit Crew Award.