Kyle MacDonald

Kyle MacDonald

Driven individual working hard towards a happy and successful life.

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They call it California Dreaming. They warn me of the fast life. They tell me to stay practical. I say no.
In 2014, I made the bold decision to leave a life I knew, a side of the country I knew, and drive across the country for something uncertain. That something was Southern California. I knew deep in my heart and soul that this was the place for me. My family and I lived in Orange County when I was younger to then move to Ohio where I grew up. After I had the West coast taste in my mouth, I could never rid myself of it, nor did I want to.

When I decided to drive across the country from Pittsburgh to LA, I was scared, anxious, but ultimately excited. I knew I was making the right decision and this was the place I would most flourish and grow. I have worked in many types of industries, had many jobs, and learned so much through each and every experience. Each one of those experiences has helped me grow into the man I am today.

I feel confident that my experiences through life and my past careers have helped mold me into a strong, intelligent, and capable human being. I know that those experiences will help guide me into my next career and they have given me the stepping-stones into something amazing. That's why I look forward to what is next to come!