Dustin Croul


Hello, my name is Dustin Croul and I have graduated Art Center this fall in 2016. I'm a LA resident who is looking to break into the many subcultures of fashion throughout the city and also freelance on the side. My deepest obsession is printmaking and the use of the many techniques such as silkscreen and risograph and tons of other low-fi experimental ways I can transfer an image. I am an Illustrator first but my design sense and intuition guide me when I am making things that are consumable goods. For me I'd like to bring in my love for the avant garde comic scene, like Fantagraphics and Tan & Loose comics to how I approach my specific style and aesthetic. As a young artist, I see myself at the pit of the primordial ooze of the artworld, where the swell of new artistic styles is barley beginning to peak. And I am right there in it ready to ride that wave in. I love challenging my peers with these new concepts and I also love being apart of their own strange creations. I speak my mind and would like to use my own knowledge of my own favorite sub-subcultures to create a brand of my own someday. For now I want the wisdom and desire to know the inner-workings of how brands are created and what it takes to have the populous welcome a brand identity as their own. That is why I am here.