Christine Taylor

Summary - (presently looking for FT position with a brand / agency). I create community for brands via experiential brand marketing and share-worthy content covering all channels, workshops, events, customer service policy, packaging, etc. I am presently looking for a permanent FT role with a team looking for a female leader with a POV. I am willing to learn, grow, and to relocate for the right position.

Think of me as your Cultural Currency! I've been in Creative Direction of designed content marketing for 10+ years and have a love for the business side of Brand Management. Being a curious, big thinker my experience is valuable in any marketing where authenticity, style, story and quality are of utmost importance. I ask tough questions and bring a critical eye based on deep cultural knowledge, involvement and engagement with creatives.

Being a design-thinker - I have helped three teams launch retail start-up brands, and a product line while directing content marketing for brands pairing influencers with storytelling for products. I excel at strategy for brand development, ideating and producing marketing experiences and identifying what makes you unique. Then we establish how and when we should elevate it. I am well versed in communication with overseas clients around the world and with maintaining long relationships with designers and artists who inspire change and innovation. I’m fearless and optimistic and love a challenge.

Having been a journalist and layout designer for major newspapers and magazines I am trained to recognize a good lead, establish relations, conduct interviews, write copy and research. This history gives me clarity on functional design for web and print, and in how to work diplomatically with all levels of talent and clients at all tiers.

I'm friendly, open, and interested in developing relationships in brand, marketing, design, innovation, fashion, and global/international business. Lets get a coffee!