Ben Thomas


I have worn a number of hats within the design world including: graphic designer, creative director, product developer, and product outsourcer. Although I am most highly qualified as a graphic designer, I have been shifting my focus more to product design and development in recent years. I am a versatile addition to any team because of my unique understanding of manufacturing, product development, and design. Although I can speak Mandarin Chinese, I also have a keen understanding of Chinese culture, manufacturing infrastructure, and business life. Through my past experience as both a US State Department sponsored scholar of Mandarin in Nanjing, China, and my own personal entrepreneurial ventures in the Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Dongguan area, I am a capable sourcing agent/supplier communicator.

My passion for outdoor sports has taken me around the world in search of waves, trails, and slopes. As a habitual recreator and designer, I find connecting with nature gives me time to table an idea long enough to thoroughly question my methods and intentions. Although I'm a gearhead like most, my industry knowledge of outdoor sporting equipment/apparel is both extensive and diverse. My personal interests as an athlete include: surfing, body surfing, mountain biking, skiing/snowboarding, rock climbing, backpacking, running, and flyfishing.